Health over finances lately

When I saw my doctor on September 26th, I complained about a lot of things. Therefore, she referred me to a lot of doctors. It was a little challenging at first to fit the labwork she ordered into my schedule, but I got it done. All that was found was a UTI, so I was given antibiotics. I’ve finished them already. I have a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow to determine why I have such bad cramps, even though I take a birth control pill called Aviane (which I get through an app called Nurx). The day after tomorrow, I have a second appointment with a psychologist, then a follow up with the GP on November 14th. My 11/14 appointment with the GP is at 8 am, and I will then have a 3rd appointment with the psychologist at 10:30.

After my appointments, I am going on a road trip to see my long distance boyfriend. He and I first met in high school, and we reconnected on social media about 6 years ago. He is a single parent of two with no involvement from the mother. We decided to get engaged. There are no plans to marry yet, but it’s what we want. Living in two different states and having 3 kids between us means there is a lot of mud to sort through before we can say I do. But I have a ring waiting for me when I get there. I specifically asked for no diamond. I said I wanted my ring to be a rose quartz. (Rose Quartz symbolizes love). He said, “you’re a breeze”.

My last day at my main job is also November 13, the day before my last two appointments and road trip. It was way too complicated to get all the days off for all these appointments, but I literally haven’t seen any doctor since 2014. Not since my panic disorder following my 2013 graduation from college started.

I’m really not worried about quitting my job. For many practical reasons, the food delivery apps are more wise to do full time now. And I’m not really doing any flooding of debts. I’m just leaving money in the bank for the road. I can also do the food deliveries in any city they operate in, which includes the city I’m traveling to and two cities on the way. I don’t have to tell anyone. It’s all automated. I just go to the city, sign in, and wait for requests. Also, working with elderly is such an in demand job, that with 4 years experience and my CNA license, I can walk in anywhere and get hired and practically name my price.

I have an aunt and uncle there, who I hope to spend thanksgiving with. The day after thanksgiving is my future stepson’s birthday.

My daughter Evita never says what she wants for Christmas. She had an experience one year where she told everyone what she wanted. As a result, she got 8 of the same thing. I decided that I’m getting her the entire collection of books by pastor Joel Osteen. She’s 11 and a half, and she’s always been an advanced reader. Because of my own abusive experiences in church growing up, I want her to have a positive association with Christianity, and Joel Osteen’s books will give her a good start on that. This doesn’t have to be expensive due to used bookstores.

This is Evita yesterday when I took her to get her nails done. She can’t wait to go to school, because one of her bff’s loves this nail color.

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