Victories in consolidation accounts

My balance on the Amazon account stood at $1200 even. I paid $79 into it today. Why $79? Because when my consolation company auto-drafts my $615 monthly, $121 of that goes to Amazon. This $79 payment will bring it to $1121, which will make it an even $1,000 when the consolidation payment goes through at the beginning of next month.

I suppose I’m forgetting interest, but it will be small enough to just add to my next tackle payment.

Another account in consolidation is my PayPal credit account. This one is annoying. The consolidation company claims they have to snail mail the payment once they auto draft it from me. It takes forever, and it often takes so long that it becomes past due for longer than I’m comfortable with. The minimum that the company snail mails them every month is $113. Today when I logged into my PayPal to collect the $13 I earned from Easy Shift, it said my credit account was past due with a minimum due of $226. That’s 2 months worth. I went and paid the $226. I don’t have to snail mail to PayPal. That’s ridiculous. My account is linked, and it will just post tonight at midnight electronically. Another $113 payment is in a usps truck somewhere and might arrive any day? Who knows. It would be from my September payment to them. PayPal is not one I’m super focused on at the moment, it’s just frustrating to see it get backed up like that. The balance this morning stood at $34 hundred-and- something, so my $226 and the $113 that’s somewhere in a truck over yonder will bring it to a tad over $3K. When it all goes through, I’ll just make a payment electronically to bring it to 3 even.

I was happy about this company at first, but my enthusiasm is waning. I’m not sure if it’s because Aaron is mysteriously no longer there (he was my go to man), but idk. Since I signed on with them, the balances on those accounts have been halved. I guess I can’t complain that much.

2 thoughts on “Victories in consolidation accounts

  1. Sorry to hear it’s been so frustrating. I guess the good news is that you *are* making progress. Even if snail mail is still part of the equation.

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