Easy Shift App

I got the easy shift app from another blog and decided to download it. It claims to pay you a certain amount of money to do store audits. You have to follow instructions and take photos of shelving displays, items, and shelf tags.

The app has mixed reviews. Some say it’s easy extra money, while others claim it’s a huge sham and a waste of time and effort, because they refuse to pay you.

Over the weekend, I tried it out by doing three store audits. I did two on Saturday and one on Sunday. I also worked, but did these on my way to work or while out and about.

I opened up the app this morning, and all three of my audits were rejected due to “low quality photos”. I immediately realized that the negative reviews were correct and that the positive reviews were probably mostly from company insiders.

They’ll tell you your photos were low quality, but you really have no way of knowing if they’re using your photos to service their customers, the stores.