Next debt to tackle: Amazon Credit

My Amazon credit account is through synchrony bank. In my last semester and summer of college, I didn’t work. This is because the only classes I needed in order to graduate were offered at very specific times. I couldn’t reconcile it with my work schedule, so I made the painful decision to leave my job of 6 and a half years. I loved that job- but more about that later.

At the time that I left, I was debt free (excluding the pending student loans that were out of sight and out of mind) and had savings. I lived alone in an apartment with my daughter. My coworkers had been most of my support system through having a baby and a divorce 2 years later.

I took 18 credit hours in the Spring of 2013 (I’d already left my job) and the last two classes required of me were offered over the summer. I graduated at the end of August of 2013.

I used my amazon credit to order our necessities. I didn’t think anything of it. I was still in the mindset that having a degree would make me super-successful.

The amazon credit card is currently one of the five accounts I have in consolidation. I haven’t been happy lately with how long the consolidation company has taken to process payments. The main man I was working with (super nice) is mysteriously no longer working there.

So since my Perkins loan payment monthly will never change, I decided to make the Amazon the next one to fight. I can’t remember how much the balance was when I graduated- something like $4K or $5K.

The balance now is $1244.65

Easy enough to focus on. And when I pay it off, it will be interesting to see if my consolidation payment decreases or not.