What’s next?

Now that my “oldest card” and Navient 1-03 are both paid off, I’m wondering which to tackle next.

I’m leaning towards the Amazon credit account. My monthly payment to them was auto drafted on 9/26, and the payments still have not disbursed to my 5 accounts in consolidation. The current amazon credit balance is $1365.65, and $121 is supposed to be applied from what was already autodrafted. So it’s like $1240 and something.

I am with a new client today. He said his granddaughter is 31 and couldn’t find a job after she graduated, so she went to a private university to become a physical therapist. The program is 100K, he said, and they haven’t even started paying on her five years of college. All I could say was “poor thing”. I wish the older generations would stop doing this to us. It’s not like she’s going to make millions as a physical therapist. Good money, yes, but hell no not worth the loans.