The story behind my profile picture

It was a day that I dedicated to doing the on demand food delivery apps. I delivered to this apartment building and had to park by a dumpster in a dirt lot. There were two backpacks by the dumpster. I delivered the food first and then threw the backpacks in my car. I went through them, and they had random things. Then there was this heavy gold men’s chain. It was stamped as 18K.

I took it to a pawn shop, and it was indeed real. They gave me $725 for it.

I remember them doing all sorts of tests to determine its authenticity. Then, the clerk came over and said, “We can give you seven twenty five.”

I said, “ok, that’s fine.” I didn’t know if she meant $725 or $7.25. I felt weird asking, so I just said nothing and waited to see what I was handed. Then the clerk asked the store manager, “Where do I get the money?” The manager said, “I’ll get it from the safe in the back.” My heart skipped a beat. It really was $725! If it was only $7.25, she’d have just taken it from the register. That’s my ghetto picture holding up the cash from that gold chain.

What else was in that bag, you may ask? A lot of torn up boarding passes. Dirty underwear, things that were used that were disgusting used. A lot of crumpled up worksheets of yoga poses. And a lot of pens. It was obviously intentionally discarded.

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