Regarding Ashley

I was stoked to see I actually had two comments on the same post!

Yes, Ashley does know that not only will I get a bonus of $250 if she completes 30 deliveries, but she will also get a bonus of $150.

I told her I would split it with her. We have the same 90 year old client, who is legally blind. I told her if I get the $250, I’d put it in an envelope with her name on it on our client’s dining room table.

She still won’t do it and says that it is not God’s will for her life. I said, well no, it’s not really a divine calling- it’s a side hustle.

Then I found out that our 90 year old blind client gave her $100 to pay her electric bill, so it wouldn’t get cut off. I was fuming.

I told my client about all of this, and my client said, “Listen, if you get that money, DON’T split it with her!”

She regrets bailing her out when she found out she has this opportunity.

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