Referral bonus- come on, Ashley!!!!!

My coworker Ashley lost both of her elderly clients and was really worried about not having money coming in.

I sent her my Uber eats (on demand food delivery) referral code. I get $250 if she signs up and completes 30 deliveries.

Honestly, I didn’t think she’d make it to 30 deliveries. To put it lightly, she isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I’ve coached her a lot on the deliveries.

This morning, I checked my referrals in my earnings section, and I discovered that she’s don *29* deliveries. Omg Ashley, please do just one more!!!!!!! I told her that once she completes 30, she can get instant pay. This is also true. That’s all I told her about the magic 30, though. I really just care about getting the bonus. Instant pay helps a lot, too.

Today is Sunday, and she doesn’t work on Sundays for religious purposes. I work every Sunday with a preacher’s wife who has severe Alzheimer’s. He has to go to church, and in her state, she cannot. I’m going in about an hour and a half.

But oh lord, please just let Ashley do one more delivery.