You can’t do this online

I have a CNA license (certified nurse aide). It was an $800, 4 week class that has proven much more lucrative than my 4 year degree.

There are a lot of for-profit online schools now that claim you can become a CNA completely online. You absolutely cannot. You have to attend a class at (preferably) a community college and take a state test where you are randomly assigned 4 physical tasks to demonstrate in front of the testing administrators.

By no means can you become an RN online. And RN has to demonstrate *way* more physical skills in order to pass licensing. You demonstrate online that you can give an injection, catheterize a patient, work a feeding tube, and many things nurses do. If you would like to be a nurse, you can’t do it online. Period.

I’ve also seen ads for schools that claim you can get a Psy-D (Doctorate in psychology) completely online in 9 weeks. How is that possible? Even if it was possible to cram in all the necessary coursework, you would still need to become state certified to become a psychologist, and the state may not even recognize the school as legit.

Please be careful and do homework about any college you wish to attend, especially for-profit online schools. They are dangerous and have screwed many people.