Taking it easy

Do I have to mention here that I paid my phone bill? That’s a given, right?

Tomorrow is payday, and I am making my second car payment. I’ll chip away at debt as well, but since it’s not gone through yet, I’ll post which debt I decide to icepick once I actually do it.

My Navient payoff hasn’t posted yet. It’s been a week since I mailed it. I called to ask about it, and the operator sounded so stupid. Just his voice and the way he talked was ignorant sounding. It was kind of insulting.

I am taking it easy for now, because I do have a small ovarian cyst and a doctor appointment on the 13th to figure out what to do about it. I’m easily tired and in a great deal of pain.

Hopefully soon, I can be back to my usual self out on the town delivering like mad and filling in for other caregivers that always have emergencies that aren’t emergencies.