Navient payoff

My Navient bill consists of 6 separate loans. One of these loans was only $320.18. I paid that loan off this morning in order to get it off the record.

As of today, my Navient total balance due is $19,224.01

The 6 separate loans within the whole Navient balance are as follows:







So I made a money order for the payoff amount for that little third one. I mailed it today. By the time it goes through, my total balance for Navient will be under $19K.

Being on an IBR plan has shown me how those plans really screw people. Your income-based minimum payment doesn’t cover interest, which accrues daily on federal student loans. That’s how you hear stories of people saying they started out with something like $50K and are now at over $100K, etc. Its because having a college degree does not mean that you will earn enough to pay it off.

Let this be a wake up call.