Today, I went shopping for my 90 year old client and accidentally left my wallet in the cart when loading my car. Her credit card was in it as well as my own credit and debit, a restaurant gift card, and $28 cash.

Yesterday, I shopped for myself and Evita. I was so tempted to get my nails done, but thought no, that’s not necessary. I called the store to see if someone turned in my wallet. She said no, but took my name and number.

I then called to cancel my credit card and debit card. I would have had my client cancel hers, too, but she wanted to wait.

Then they called and said someone turned it in. I went back to get it, and everything was there except for the $28 cash. Damn, I thought. I should have gotten my nails done!

Today is also the 70th birthday of a religious teacher that I had years ago. She passed away in April of 2015 at age 66. I’m thinking about her a lot.

Last night, I logged into my ECSI Perkins 𝐋𝐨𝐚𝐧 account. It gave me some kind of warning or slap on the wrist for paying too much into it too fast. I was like- what? I wasn’t being penalized financially (something tells me that I will when it cycles). It still sits at $1100 even with $42.43 due on October 1. What’s their problem? They want us to stay in debt? What’s up with that?

My oldest card remains at $400 even. The minimum payment is now $25 a month, and it won’t get any lower. I’m just wondering if I should start to flood my amazon credit account, which is in consolidation. If I pay it off, then my $615 I pay to the consolidator each month will go down to just under $500.

The thing is, will they penalize me, too? Hopefully not, since my consolidator advises me to pay extra into my accounts when possible. Maybe student loans are just rigged.

The amazon credit balance sits now at $1365. I think that will be my next goal just to see what it does to my consolidator bill.

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  1. When I was paying of my Amazon card, I was able to make extra payments with no penalties. Hopefully it works out the same for you! I’m sorry to hear about the purse scare, but am so thankful it was returned. At least you got almost everything back, which is so much better than a total loss. It still sucks that someone stole your $28. That just seems terrible.

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