Bad job hunting advice

On Facebook, I’m in a support group for CNA’s (certified nurse aides). I know being a nurse aide is one of my callings, but I also feel called to coach young adults on how to succeed without a degree. So in this group, I created a post asking what resume key words would you put on your CNA resume?

A few answered, but then I got this response:

“A resume is not going to get you hired. I have found in my years of experience.

If I can get an interview my chance to land the job increases.

Why? Because I sell myself as the worker they need for the job.

How, be prepare with honesty and confidence in yourself.”

If you really want to work at a set location. Drop by introduce yourself as looking for a job. Until they tell no or your hired.

I disagree! I looked at this person’s profile, and it said he graduated high school in 1990. I guess that would make him about 46 years old. Baby boomers and older gen Xers who have adult children give them this outdated advice.

If you just randomly show up to a place like that, they’re just going to tell you to go apply online. Attaching a resume to your online application is a plus and may even be a requirement.

Showing up is a tad on the creepy side. Start online, period. Go to job hunting sites like indeed. Also, go to the sites of companies you want to work for and apply online directly on their website. Call to follow up in 3-4 days to show interest.

The older generation needs to stop giving young people bad job hunting advice!