My direct deposit hasn’t posted yet, but I was able to log into payroll and see how much it would be. I decided that all I’m going to do with it is pay my car insurance (full coverage now, ugh) and wait for my consolidator to withdraw my monthly auto draft of $615

All the other debt blogs harp so much on “how much you need in an emergency fund”, but I’m just not worrying about it. I’m just leaving more in the checking account than I usually do. It’s a start when you can’t predict the future.

When I pay my car insurance bill of $283.12, it will bring the total due on the policy to $561.74

When my consolidator auto drafts my $615, the 5 accounts in consolidation will decreases follows:

PayPal credit will decrease from $3408 to $3296

Amazon credit will go from $1486 to $1366

Capital one card (largest) will decrease from $6834 to $6655

Capital one card (middle) will go from $3402 to $3312

Capital one card (smallest) will go from $2653 to 2579

That brings the total in consolidation to $17,208.

Last month this time, my total in consolidation was 17,761.

Any other goals to fire extinguish balances will be done with my food delivery jobs. This is my weekend with my daughter, so if my boss goes begging for ppl to work on Saturday, then it’s a no.