Emergency room

I went to the ER yesterday morning, because I thought I had a kidney stone. Turns out I don’t- I pulled the trans abdominus muscle and also have an acute UTI. I’m in a lot of pain, and the meds are knocking me out. I have an antibiotic, a muscle relaxer and a pain pill. I’m not off work, I’m just on light duty. I’m not going to any clients who need to be lifted. No “emergency fund” was needed. I paid my $175 ER copay with my debit card. The prescriptions were only $2 each, so I just pulled that out of my wallet. On Friday is a big payday, so I’m going to list real numbers at that time. When I call to pay my Navient bill, I’m going to try to ask someone if I’m considered a public servant. If not, I need to definitely pay more than my IBR amount.

I sort of feel like getting sick was what I needed. This video is spot on:

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