Overtime and Overtime and Overtime

My boss has hired new people in hopes that she can stop paying people overtime constantly. It never works, though, and Monday – Tuesday, I worked 18 hours straight.

I started Monday morning with a 3 hour shift with a new client. After that I experienced a wave of exhaustion and went home to go to sleep. I slept very hard, even though I didn’t think I would. My alarm was set for 4:00 pm, because I had a 1 hour shift from 5-6 pm. (One hour shifts pay double time to make it worth it). Then my boss sent me a text and said a girl called out for a 7pm-7am night shift for someone who gets 24/7 care from us. I said, I slept all day, why not? It was very hard to sit in a dark room for 12 hours and watch an old woman sleep. She did get up to pee, and I had to escort her, but didn’t want to get out of bed before I got off.

Then I had my regular client from 8am-noon.

I came home and crashed. I can’t wait to see my paycheck. I’ve been really too busy and tired to think of this emergency fund issue, but the money is still in the bank for me to decide next time I look at everything.

Honestly, I won’t put more than $1000 max in an emergency fund, but I would most likely put just 500. I may start a health spending account with only $175, simply because that’s my ER copay. I’m not worried about job loss. In this field, there are too many jobs. I know at least one solution to make the unemployment rate 0%.