My own business

Aside from being an independent contractor with two on-demand food delivery apps, I have also been a jewelry designer. I called my business “Upcycle Jewelry”. My local thrift store always sold inexpensive large vases of broken jewelry items. I almost always bought them out and came home to use my wire cutters to salvage the good pieces. I then made completely new items from the old pieces. I sold on Etsy and at a local flea market. My dad always did flea markets on the side when I was a kid, and he often came with me to sit with me while I sold. It was fun, enjoyable, and profitable.

At the beginning of the Spring, however, I got an Amazon gift card from the Shopkick app and used it to buy a novel writing workbook. It helped tremendously with getting my book idea from my brain to paper. I got through five chapters of this workbook when I lost it. I cannot find it anywhere, and it’s devastating. At the time, I thought, every ounce of creativity I have in me needs to go to this book right now. I can’t be playing with broken jewelry. So I bagged up all of my jewelry business stuff and sold it for $200 to a woman on one of those sell your crap apps. We met in a Target parking lot like we were doing some kind of shady deal. She looked through the bags before she handed me the money, and she was like a kid on Christmas!  I was not just glad to get the $200, I was glad to be rid of it all.

Now, since the workbook has been lost, and the thought of starting over seems So daunting, I’ve thought of restarting upcycle jewelry. The only problem is that I no longer have my supplies. I just needed a sign from above. Do I go forward with this, or not? Then, on heavy trash day, I went for a walk, and someone had put these out:

They’re really for fishing, but I use these to store my supplies neatly. I put them through two sanitize cycles in the dishwasher and wiped them out with Clorox.

As they say in Italian, “è un segno di Dio”

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