Bill pay snafu

Oops I accidentally payed $60- something into my oldest card and not $80- something, so the new balance is now $620 and not $600. I also forgot that the minimum for that “black card” I still use has cycled, so I put $100 into it. I really hate that card. It really should be on the priority list to tackle next, but since it’s useable, I do use it, and I’m not sure the payoff would go well.

I’m totally lost on how to go about emergency fund. What if I lost my job, you say? Which one? The main job? My main job working with elderly and disabled adults in their homes is something no one wants to do. I’d literally gather my paperwork (DL and SS card, CPR card, TB test, and HHA license) and walk into one of the zillions of other places that offer this service and with 4 years experience probably get hired on the spot. Not a concern.

Maybe not the right time to think about it.

There are also many ways online to go be you advice on how to make money from home. I just wanted to raise awareness on one thing- pyramid schemes/MLM. I was never into them, but I have wayyyyyyyy too many friends that are. Because I don’t have experience with MLM’s other than annoying friends, I’ll let this hilarious lady explain it for you.