Payday Came

And all I did was pay the $83.64 to bring my “oldest card” down to $600 even.

My first car payment is being withdrawn later. That’s $334.95 I believe.

I didn’t do anything else, because I’ve been on so many debt blogs, and they’re all about that emergency fund.

I have cash stashed in a favorite book of mine. It’s not really an “emergency fund”, but I suppose I would use it as one if I needed to. Now that I have a new car, it’s like I had 99 problems and 86 were that old car. A vehicle emergency is all I could really imagine other than a natural disaster.

I had a famous saying when I used to go to therapy and they’d ask, “What are the odds of X fear coming to pass?” My response: I don’t know. My crystal ball is in the shop.

I have talked to people casually on the phone and then get notified a couple days later that they’ve been instantly killed in wrecks. I’ve trusted conventional wisdom only to be failed by it. I’m not really all about thinking about what might happen.