Goal half reached day

First of all, I am just now realizing that no one can leave me comments. That’s disappointing. I tried to fix it, but if it requires paying for a plan, then they aren’t specifying that. If you really have something to say about anything I’ve posted, you can email me at akashasdebtjourney at yahoo dot com, and I will address it on the blog. If you can help me enable comments, that would be more helpful!

Today, I worked with one elderly client only until noon. As soon as I clocked out, I changed shirts and logged onto the food delivery app. My goal was to make enough to pay my health insurance premium, but by the end of the lunch rush a couple hours later, I was dizzy. I also felt nauseated, and a wave of exhaustion came over me. I logged off and went home. I made only enough to make half of my health insurance premium, and I did so as a partial payment with the 16 digits on my earnings card. Tomorrow is payday with the main job, and all I know what I’m doing with that money is my first car payment. I’m not sure about the rest quite yet. Sometimes, is goes through at about 9:00 pm which is less than 10 minutes away from now. Sometimes, I have to wait till I’m up in the morning.