Navient balance- to be aware

6 days ago on August 3rd, I stayed that my total Navient balance was $19,179

This morning, I logged in. It was $19,198.

This is something to be *very* award of. Yes, I have a small balance compared to other people with student loans, but that’s still a significant increase in under a week.

That is an increase of more than $3 a day.

My monthly payment on the IBR plan of $36.88 definitely doesn’t cover that. That *must* be on my to do list- I have to figure out whether my job working for elderly and disabled adults in their homes qualifies me as someone who is a “public service” employee; especially since half of my clients are paid for by either the VA or the department of aging and disability; or I have to make more than the minimum.

Technically, even if you are a public servant and “eligible for loan forgiveness in 20 years”, a lot can happen in 20 years. A politician can step in and pass a law saying, “yeah actually, never mind on that.” If I’m not mistaken, Betsy DeVos did try this and failed.