“Just go to a community college!”

This is a common argument people use to get people to cut college costs. Unless someone else is paying for you or you have it to pay out of pocket, it will not keep you out of student loan debt. You total amount upon graduating from your next two years will be less (maybe), but the interest still balloons uncontrollably unless you can tackle it with a fire extinguisher.

I looked into my local community college. Cost is $50 per credit hour. However, each semester, there are 17 hidden fees. It’s also the first two years only. You still have to transfer to a university. Sometimes, the community colleges and universities do not collaborate on what community college classes count for which university core requirements. This happened to me.

Please do not forget my other hidden cost of lost wages. Time spent in class can be time spent earning. You *have* to figure this in while adding college costs.