“Better yourself”

I’m in a Facebook group for people who work with elderly and disabled adults. One thread asked if anyone wants to go back to school for anything medical besides RN. One woman said she wants to go back for social work. That’s the same major the woman in the video I shared had picked- the woman who ended up homeless. A common phrase is that anything you go to school for is “anything you can do to better yourself.”

This is why I’m making this blog, and this is why I need my voice to be heard. I need to spell it out that ͏life was just fine before I went back to school. Finishing college made me lose *everything*, including my daughter. I definitely did not better myself. Everything got progressively worse. That mindset is what gets people into trouble, the mindset that going to school is “bettering yourself”.

This is the week that I have my daughter on Monday and Tuesday. She gets to spend the night with me, but I have to drop her off in the morning. She made a hilarious video talking about her opinion on some subjects, but this blog is still too anonymous for me to show it. She’s so much like me.