Midnight Walmart run

Middle of the night is the best time for a Walmart run after a weekend of 2 twelve- hour shifts, right? Or when you are so wired you can’t sleep?

I got what I needed, except for my eye exam of course. I came home and paid $25 into the “oldest card”. That brings the balance down from $750 to $725.

I’m debating which thing to tackle next (which fire to put out next so to speak). The Perkins loan, which has a balance of $1200 even? Or the Amazon credit account, which has a balance of $1486 and is in consolidation. The Amazon account has a higher interest rate, but a slightly higher balance. It might bring my payment to my consolidator down (or will it?). However, the Perkins loan has to do directly with college, so I look at it and get disgusted. It would be a nice side thorn to get rid of.

Until “oldest card” is paid off, tho, I’ll have to decide then.

I still have enough on my side job earnings card for an eye exam and an evening out with my daughter.