Where is Gina Moss today?

Video on the student crisis:


I watched this video a few months back. It was filmed about 9 years ago, and I don’t believe “Gina Moss” is this woman’s real name. I also believe she may be semi-disguised in this video. She is a single mom like me, but does not have the support system I have/had. Looks like this child has no contact with her father or any of her grandparents.

The comments in the video linked above are toxic! It isn’t “Gina’s” fault, nor is she stupid.

She’s very dissociated from her situation. Dissociation is a result of severe depression and/or trauma. She, along with everyone else my age, was sold this golden idea that having a degree is the ticket to success. The older generation is responsible, collectively, for brainwashing their children into this mess.

Even Gina said her mother taught her that getting an education would put her a step ahead. Her mother believed this from *not* having a degree.

I also despise when people condemn others in Gina’s situation just “picked a crappy major”. If a major is not a good one to pick, then it is up to the colleges and universities; AND the high school and college guidance counselors to make students aware.

I really wish I knew where “Gina” is now. I seriously think that her only option was to place her daughter in foster care and go sleep on a park bench.

I almost have a feeling that she’s no longer alive.

The only thing that will stop things like this from happening is to say NO to college unless you really, really have to. Then, let supply and demand work itself out. Let the colleges, universities, and lenders crash and burn the way so many of us have.