Weekend plans?

I’m working two 12 hour shifts this weekend with a woman in an independent living facility who needs supervision because she keeps falling. She sleeps a lot, which gives me nothing to do. With a 12 hour shift today and tomorrow, I really can’t do anything else. I did do on demand food delivery yesterday afternoon and into the evening. It was very busy! My earnings card now has just over $150 on it, and I don’t plan on paying any bills with that. On Monday before I pick up Evita, I’m going to save it for a Walmart run. This will include an eye exam at the Walmart optical center.

Side note: There are three apps I love using while shopping.

1. The Ibotta rebate app

2. Shopkick

3. Surveys on the go.

I have not really wanted to be around my parents since the new custody arrangement took affect. I feel resentful. I do go to do certain things for them, look in on my 2 cats, and get a quick shower. But mostly I like just chillin in my new car. It’s not that I blame my parents for all that’s happened. Maybe I do.