Student loans and open credit cards

When credit cards go into consolidation, the accounts close. You may not use them. For this reason, I kept two cards open for use: the “black” card and the “oldest” card.

I also went to school with loans from Sallie Mae/Navient and one Perkins loan.

This is my total due on my Navient account as of *today*:

$19,179 (It was $31,000 and something when I graduated in 2013).

It’s broken down into 6 different loans, and these are the total due for all 6 separately: (as of *today*)

$3838, $5574, $319, $3904, $2439, and $3105

My regular minimum Navient payment was $280.49, but I got on an IBR plan for two reasons: 1, because I may be considered a public servant and eligible for loan forgiveness. 2, because I bought a car on the 9th of July, and it was a necessity that I buy a car. It’s a certified pre-owned 2015, and my old car was a 2001 hot mess. My payments under the IBR plan are $36.88 a month.

My Perkins loan was $4,000 when I graduated in 2013 and is today $1200 even. The minimum every month is $42.43.

My “oldest card” was maxed out at $1300, but today it’s down to $800 even, and I do not use it.

My “black card” is maxed out at $1150, and I do use it for occasional needs