Check in the mail!

A check came in the mail for me today in the amount of $133.04. It was from a side project I did a while ago. I have mobile check upload with my bank. I uploaded the check by taking 3 pics (the front, the back with my signature, and later on a pic of the same check with VOID written across). It was $3 to have the funds available immediately. I had $50.10 left on my phone bill. Yesterday, I did my side job doing the on demand food delivery app and cashed out onto my earnings card when I was finished. I then put the whole amount that I made as a partial payment with the 16 digit number of my earnings card. That brought my phone bill balance due from 114.01 to 50.10. So I used $50.10 of the 130.04 to get rid of that. Then I paid $50 to my “oldest card”. I am equally “tackling” the “oldest card” and the Perkins loan to pay off quickly. This brought the balance on the oldest credit card from $800 to $750. I left the rest in the bank for whatever.