Welcome to my journey

I’m Akasha, and I am determined to become debt free. Most people find themselves in high debt due to poor decisions in life. I’m no different. I made a poor decision 5 years ago to finish college. On the surface, that seems like a great decision! Having a degree is supposed to further you in life, and it’s supposed to make you “become someone”. I believe that everyone is someone, however, and about 7-9 months after my graduation in 2013 I started to realize what a grave mistake I made. My degree was useless. It ruined my mental health and my physical health. The financial consequences cost me my home, and I had to return to live with my parents. Living with them eventually caused me to loose custody of my 11 year old daughter to my ex husband. He filed with the county stating that my parents’ home was a chaotic environment for my daughter, and I agreed with him. In fact, my whole life had become so unstable because of the financial mess I created by going to college that I actually feel she’s better off in his home.

This blog will be straightforward, with honest numbers and weekly or monthly check ins. I work a main job caring for elderly in their homes and have two side jobs doing the on demand food delivery apps.

I dedicate this blog not only to my journey and my experiences in getting out of debt, but to help others succeed without college so that the $1.4 trillion student debt bubble will burst and young people won’t have to start their lives with so much more burden than their parents.